What are the reasons the County would screen out a report?
* Not a Vulnerable Adult - Minnesota Statute dictates the County can only intervene in the private lives of adults when they meet the criteria of being a vulnerable adult (which is also defined by statute). Sometimes the County may accept a report for investigation; and as a part of that process, we will gather more information to determine if the person is a vulnerable adult or not. If we learn the person will not meet the criteria, we no longer have the authority to proceed and then close out the investigation. Just because a person is 70 for instance or receiving "disability" from Social Security, it does not mean they automatically are a vulnerable adult. Please see Blue Earth County's website page Vulnerable Adult/Adult Protection for definition of a vulnerable adult.

* Duplicate Report - The County may screen out a report because the same incident/concerns have already been reported to the County and it has been investigated or is currently under investigation.

* Not a Maltreatment Allegation - Sometimes the County gets details of a situation which would not meet the criteria of an allegation of adult maltreatment. This does not happy very often, but these situations are not likely to result in harm to the person (i.e., the person does not have access to cable television).

(Definition of "vulnerable adult")

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