Who can seal wells?
State Law requires that all well sealing work be completed by a licensed well contractor. Don't try to do it yourself. A licensed well contractor has the necessary equipment and expertise to seal your well properly and can also handle all of the required paperwork. To find a contractor, look in the Yellow Pages under "Well Drilling and Service” or visit the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), Well Management Section, Licensed/Registered Well Contractor Directory website. Blue Earth County maintains a current well contractor list of the local contractors in our area.

When the well has been properly sealed by a licensed well contractor, the contractor will submit a well and boring sealing record to the MDH. The property owner will also get a copy of the well and boring sealing record from the licensed well contractor. Keep this important document in a safe place as it provides proof that the well has been properly sealed and no longer poses a hazard, and can be useful when selling your property.

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