Wetlands - Technical Evaluation Panel (TEP)

About the Technical Evaluation Panel

The technical evaluation panel (TEP) is generally regarded to be one of the strengths of the Minnesota Wetland Conservation Act. TEPs provide forums to discuss site-specific interpretations of laws, rules, and technical data. They also provide an opportunity for gaining consensus on a number of primarily technical issues in order to make a recommendation to the decision maker.

The panel members consist of an individual from:
  1. Local Government Unit (LGU) 
    Dane Lynch
    Blue Earth County Property & Environmental Resources
    Ph: (507) 304-4251
  2. Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR)
    Alyssa Core
    Wetland Specialist
    Ph: (507) 923-5414
  3. Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD)
    Jake Fritz
    Conservation Specialist
    Ph: (507) 345-4744
  4. Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
    Daniel Girolamo
    Area Hydrologist
    Ph: (507) 362-8778