Industrial Waste


Industrial waste is waste generated by an industrial, manufacturing, or commercial process and managed as a separate waste stream.

The Ponderosa is permitted to accept certain industrial wastes if they have been evaluated through the Industrial Waste Management Plan and found to be acceptable. Each industrial waste stream must be evaluated separately and determined to be acceptable on a case by case basis.

The Ponderosa will only accept industrial wastes that have been individually approved through the Industrial Waste Management process. Industrial wastes which have not been approved in advance will be turned away at the scale.

Approval for Disposal

Steps to obtaining approval for disposal at the Ponderosa:
  • Contact the Ponderosa to obtain a Waste Evaluation Form and determine what testing must be done on the waste stream. Call (507) 304-4463 to obtain more information
  • Get the necessary testing on the waste stream
  • Submit a completed Waste Evaluation Form to the landfill, along with required testing or other data
  • Wait for industrial waste approval
  • After written approval has been received, schedule your disposal time at the landfill. Be sure to bring your waste approval letter along to the landfill when bringing the waste.
    The Ponderosa Landfill does not accept hazardous waste.

Industrial Waste Price Rates

Base rates for wastes defined as Industrial or Special Waste will also be $45 per ton, plus Minnesota Solid Waste Tax.  Prices on some of these wastes may vary according to waste characteristics, but all Industrial or Special Waste pricing will be on a per ton basis. To receive consideration for special rates on waste defined as Industrial or Special Waste, contact the Ponderosa at least one week before waste delivery.