Mental Health Task Force / Advisory Council

Mission Statement

The mission of Blue Earth County's Local Advisory Council/Mental Health Task Force is to promote individual, family, and community mental health awareness and wellness by identifying resources, collaborating with local service providers, and advocating for resolution of the unmet needs of mental health consumers in Blue Earth County.


Appointed by the Blue Earth County Board of Commissioners. This group is authorized by the Adult and Children's Mental Health Acts in Minnesota statutes and has specific responsibilities to fulfill as they advise the County Board.

Members of the Mental Health Task Force/Local Advisory Council review, evaluate, and make recommendations regarding the local mental health systems. Tasks include:
  • Receiving input from various community-based mental health service providers.
  • Identification of community resources for mental health education and prevention.
  • Developing a list of unmet mental health needs to be included in the county's mental health plan.
  • Providing information and recommendations to the State Advisory Council on Mental Health.

Meetings & Information

The Mental Health Task Force typically meets on the first Thursday of every month at 6:00 pm. Call (507) 304-4064 or email Noelle Bruender for more information or for details on how to get involved. If interested in serving on the committee, please fill out an online application form.