Firearms Range (Law Enforcement Use Only)


The Blue Earth County/City of Mankato firearms range is a new computer-controlled system with a Caswell granulated rubber bullet trap. It has 15 shooting points and up to a 100-yard firing line.
The range will accommodate handguns, shotguns, and rifles, including sniper rifles. It is available mainly to law enforcement agencies, with firearm safety courses and organized educational programs conducted by licensed police officers on an approval basis.


The range is located on the north edge of Mankato at 57150 230th Lane. Follow Third Avenue north out of the city. Just after leaving the city limits, turn left (west) onto 230th Lane.

Fees & Scheduling

This is a tentative pricing agreement at this time. Range use pricing is still under review by the Range Committee and administration from the Blue Earth County Sheriff's Office and Mankato Department of Public Safety.

The fee for Law Enforcement Agencies wanting to use the range is as follows:
Number of Officers Fee Per Year
0 - 5 $500
6 -10 $750
11 - 20 $1,200
21 or more $2,000

Make a Reservation

In order to use the range you must: