Terms & Conditions

Adopt-A-Highway Terms & Conditions

The group agrees to pick up litter on a segment of County highway selected in consultation with the Blue Earth County Highway Department Recommended length is two miles. At Blue Earth County's discretion, certain highways may not be eligible. The group agrees to the following:
  • The group shall review the safety training materials before each pickup to alert participants to the hazards and precautions of working on a highway right-of-way.
  • The group shall pick up litter during daylight hours only. Pickups may not be allowed at certain times such as on or near holidays.
  • The group shall provide adequate supervision to participants 18 years of age or younger. Unless specifically permitted, children 11 or younger shall not participate.
  • Work shall be limited to the area between the outer shoulders and the right-of-way boundary. Work may not be done on the roadway itself. Vehicles shall be parked on field approaches or off the roadway.
  • The group shall arrange litter pickup dates in advance with the maintenance engineer or his / her designee in the appropriate County highway office. The group shall obtain their supplies during regular business hours.
  • The group shall place filled trash bags on the shoulder slope close to the ditch bottom. The County Highway Department will arrange to pick up the bags. Groups are encouraged to recycle appropriate materials for their own benefit.
  • Borrowed or unused supplies shall be returned to the County Highway Department within one week.

The Blue Earth County Highway Department agrees to:
  • Provide high visibility vests, trash bags, safety training materials and temporary traffic warning signs when necessary as determined by Blue Earth County Highway Department.
  • Arrange to remove filled trash bags from the adopted highway.
  • Arrange to remove large, heavy or hazardous material from the adopted highway.
  • Coordinate publicity with the group to solicit local media coverage.
  • Erect a highway sign or otherwise recognize the group's clean-up efforts. Highway signs shall be erected only for groups that agree to adopt a highway for a minimum of two years. The name on the sign shall be limited to two lines of eighteen to twenty characters (including spaces). Blue Earth County reserves the right to approve and/or edit names or acronyms.