Electronic Monitoring


Electronic monitoring services are provided under a contractual arrangement with Midwest Monitoring and Surveillance, Inc. (MMS). MMS employs full-time, professional staff in their Mankato office to provide electronic home monitoring services.

Court-Ordered Requirements

Adult and juvenile offenders must be court-ordered to electronic home confinement or pretrial remote electronic breath testing. The court sets duration an offender is in the program. Offenders are responsible for the cost of service.

An Alternative Form of Supervision

The program is intended to offer the court an alternative between traditional probation and jail for adults or placement of juveniles in residential or custodial settings. It may also be used to provide enhanced supervision for probation violators from traditional and intensive supervision caseloads who might otherwise be incarcerated or placed out of the home.

For More Information

If you have any questions, please contact MMS, Inc.