Effective January 1, 2023, Fingerprinting services for Court ordered fingerprints and for civilian applicants will be by appointment only.  
Please call 507-304-4831 between 8 AM and 5 PM, Monday through Friday, to schedule an appointment.  A face mask is required during the fingerprinting process. 


Fingerprinting services are done at the Blue Earth County Justice Center at 401 Carver Road. Enter the building through the Jail Lobby door (located to the right of the main entrance) and check in at the Jail Administration office.

Please bring to your appointment, a picture ID, fingerprint cards, and/or crime information with you for court-ordered juvenile, adult criminal fingerprints, and/or civilian applicant fingerprints. Ensure you arrive on time for your appointment.

For civilian applicant fingerprints, there is a charge of $30 for one fingerprint card if we provide the card and $10 for each additional card.  If you provide the fingerprint card, the charge is $20 for one card and $10 for each additional card.  Cash payment and exact change only, no coins please.  If you were provided with a fingerprint card, DO NOT fill it out or sign it before your appointment. 

Please Note

We do not do immigration, citizenship, or passport fingerprinting. 

Due to technical limitations of our fingerprint machine and the increased requirements by the TSA, we are unable to perform civilian fingerprint cards for the purpose of TSA clearance for any aviation education program.