What Happens at a WIC Appointment?

Preparing for your WIC Phone Appointment

Due to COVID-19, WIC will complete your appointment over the phone until further notice. View our preparation guide so you know what to expect during your phone appointment. 

Authorization to Release and Exchange Information

WIC health professionals will ask that participants complete the following forms regarding the authorization to release and exchange information: 
Release and Exchange Information Form
Method of Contact and Communications Form

Step-by-Step Process

  • We check to see if mom and/or child are eligible for WIC.
  • Mom and/or child have their weight, height and hemoglobin measured (just a quick finger stick).
  • WIC health professionals educate mom about good nutrition and healthy family eating.
  • If eligible, the WIC card will be issued.
  • Mom is informed of next WIC visit where she will learn more about good nutrition for the family.

What WIC Expects of You

  • Keep scheduled appointments

    - Call the WIC office if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment.
  • Honesty - Always provide accurate information to the WIC staff. If you hide facts to get WIC benefits, you may be taken off the program.