Substance Use Disorders/ Chemical Health Services


​Substance Use Disorder (SUD) services includes a Comprehensive Assessment of an individual's needs related to alcohol and/or other chemicals, drugs and substance use as well as treatment planning and interventions.

A comprehensive Assessment (chemical use assessment) consists of:

  • An evaluation by a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor to assess an individual's overall alcohol, chemical and/or substance use, and
  • A determination as to whether there is a need for chemical dependency/substance use treatment, and
  • Recommendations as to the level of treatment needed.

SUD Reform Changes

Beginning in the late 1980’s, the Rule 25 Assessment process was the only method for eligible individuals to access publicly funded Substance Use Disorder treatment services in Minnesota.  In October of 2020, the Minnesota Department of Human Services implemented a parallel process during which a person could access publicly funded assessment and treatment services through the traditional Rule 25 process or directly through a treatment provider of their choice via Direct AccessAs of July 1, 2022, Rule 25 Assessments are no longer available and Direct Access is the only process by which publicly funded SUD treatment services can be accessed in Minnesota.  Direct Access promotes client choice for a Comprehensive Assessment and SUD treatment services through access to the right level of service, at the right time and in the right setting.

Direct Access

You can go directly to the SUD assessment and treatment provider of your choice to receive a Comprehensive Assessment and/or receive SUD treatment services.  The provider will work with you and Blue Earth County Human Services to determine your eligibility for publicly paid funding through the Behavioral Health Fund (formerly Consolidated Chemical Dependency Treatment Fund) if you do not have health care insurance coverage or have partial coverage for SUD assessment and treatment services.

Please note that if your assessment is a result of a court order or court proceeding, probation requirement or child protection process, your assessment and treatment options may be directed by the requirements outlined in those proceedings.  You may want to check in with your assigned case manager or probation officer to obtain further information.

Public Funding for SUD Treatment Services 

Criteria used to determine Behavioral Health Funds eligibility for SUD Comprehensive Assessments and treatment services include:
  • The individual is a current resident of Blue Earth County or Blue Earth County has been determined the county of financial responsibility, and
  • The individual does not have health insurance coverage or has partial health insurance coverage for SUD treatment services, and
  • The individual meets the Minnesota guidelines for income and household size for accessing available Behavioral Health Funds.  The guidelines can be accessed through the following link:  BHF SFY 2023 Eligibility Guidelines.
Local SUD Provider Link (PDF)
Minnesota Department of Human Services SUD Provider Link

Blue Earth County Contacts for Questions and Information

Adult intake and referrals for SUD Assessments, call
: 507-304-4145
Adolescent intake and referrals for SUD Assessments, call: 507-304-4444