Paying Taxes


Statement Information


Each year, Blue Earth County mails out property tax statements no later than March 31. These statements are the bill for that year’s property taxes. The property taxes on that statement are based on the previous year’s valuation and classification for your property. That information determines your property’s share of the total amount of property taxes that needs to be collected throughout the county that year.

The county’s property tax information system is available online. Searching by address or parcel number, this site provides current and historical tax information, special assessments, and tax breakdowns by jurisdiction. You can also pay your property taxes electronically.

Paying Property Taxes

Taxpayers should review the tax statement to understand the total tax amount due as well as the due dates. Taxpayers with more than one parcel of property will receive more than one tax statement, and each should be reviewed. Property taxes are due May 15 and October or November 15 of each year for nearly all properties. Please be sure to pay taxes by the dates listed on each statement to prevent penalties being added to your tax bill.

Property tax payments are accepted through automatic payment, electronically (for a minimal processing fee), by mail, by drop box at door B of the Government Center, or in person at the Government Center

What If I Have a Mortgage or Escrow My Taxes?

For many property owners, the property tax is paid by your escrow company. Your escrow company collects money each month as part of your mortgage payment to pay your property taxes. You will still receive a property tax statement. In the very lower right corner, there will be a statement that says the tax information was sent to an escrow agent.

You are still responsible for making sure taxes are paid each year, so you should contact your mortgage company or escrow agent if you have any questions regarding your property tax payment.


Contact the Property and Environmental Resources Department with any questions. Taxpayer Service Specialists are available weekdays from 8am to 5pm. Calls may be directed to (507) 304-4251 or you may send an email.