Property Sales

Information on Real Estate Sales

The assessor’s office collects information about property sales to compare with the market value estimated by the assessor through the Certificate of Real Estate Value (CRV). A CRV must be filed whenever any real estate is sold for over $1,000. The CRV is filed in the county where the property is located. If a CRV is required, failure to file it will result in making a property ineligible for homestead.

Sales Information Search
Sales information, including searching for property sales in the county, can be found on our website.

Electronic Certificate of Real Estate Value (eCRV)

The Minnesota Department of Revenue has developed an online system to allow submitters to complete and send the CRV electronically. To complete an eCRV instead of the paper version, please go to the eCRV website.

Blue Earth County now processes all eCRVs electronically. After you enter the information in the program, you will be asked to submit the eCRV electronically to the county. You no longer need to print a copy and you don't have to hand-write or use a typewriter on the paper form. Be sure to note the eCRV ID number and provide that to the county when presenting the deed for the sale. With the eCRV ID, the county will be able to accept the eCRV electronically and process it.