Well Sealing

Abandoned Wells

A well that is not in use – also referred to as an “abandoned” well – can be a potential threat to health, safety, and the environment. In many cases they provide a direct pathway for surface or near surface contamination to reach the groundwater. Wells that are no longer in use may be buried or forgotten. Often they have not been sealed properly.

Sealing is the process of clearing an unused well of all obstructions and filling up the entire length of the well with grout.

Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 103I.301, require that a well must be sealed by a licensed contractor, if:

  • The well is not in use
  • The well is contaminated
  • The well has been improperly sealed in the past
  • The well threatens the quality of the groundwater
  • The well otherwise poses a threat to health or safety

If you have an unused well but wish to keep it for future use you must apply for an annual maintenance permit from Blue Earth County. The maintenance permit requires a $ 100.00 annual fee, and is only issued if the well meets minimum sanitary requirements.