Conditional Use Permits

Special Request Against County Ordinances

A conditional use permit is a zoning permit that allows a property owner to use their land in a manner not otherwise permitted by the Blue Earth County Ordinance. A request for a conditional use permit is taken before the Blue Earth County Planning Commission in the form of a public hearing. The Planning Commission makes a formal recommendation to the Blue Earth County Board of Commissioners. The Board of Commissioners take final action on the request.

Required Specific Conditions

Most conditional use permits include specific conditions of approval and operation. Such conditions are specific to the use and amended as needed to accommodate the specific request.

Note: The Blue Earth County Planning Commission does not consider conditional use permits for Mankato or Lime Townships or for property located within city limits.

Submitting an Application

An application for a conditional use permit shall be made to the Zoning Administrator. The processing time of a conditional use permit request varies from 5-8 weeks or more.  The fees for the Planning Commission to consider a conditional use permit request are the following:
  • Conditional Use Permit - $700
  • Conditional Use Permit - Feedlot - $700
  • Conditional Use Permit - WECS/Solar - $700
  • Conditional Use Permit - Transfer of Development Rights - $500  
  • Conditional Use Permit - Adult Use - $925 
The above fees may be adjusted periodically by the County Board.

For More Information

To find out if a particular use requires a conditional use permit, please contact the Blue Earth County Property and Environmental Resources Department at (507) 304-4251.