Recording Fees

Recording Fees Abstract & Torrens

Item(s) Fee
Recording of Documents $46
Multiple Satisfactions, Partial Release, Assignments $46 for first four, $10 for each additional
Record Plat - A or T $56
Record Deed in Torrens $46, includes new certificate
Residue Certificate in Torrens $40
Document in Torrens - Multiple Certificates $46 for first certificate, $20 for each additional certificate
Well Disclosure Certificate $50

Other County Fees

Item(s) Fee
Employee-made Photocopies $3 per page
Customer-made Photocopies $1 per page
Photocopies of Old Books $3 per page
Certified Copies $10
Fax/Emailing Fees $3 per page
Notary Services $5
Verbal Research Fees None, only goes back one year
Name Search $5 per name, no minimum

Note: prices are subject to change.