Emergency Management


  • Provide citizens with important information about disaster preparation


  • Coordinate the development and update of the County’s Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) that addresses all natural or man-made hazards that may affect the citizens of Blue Earth County
  • Coordinate, develop, conduct, and evaluate various disaster exercises
  • Emergency Preparedness is a continuous cycle of preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery. Elected and appointed officials all have important roles in the EOP. Service and support agencies also play important roles. Emergency Preparedness brings these different backgrounds and roles together

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness is normally a planning-oriented, behind the scenes type of operation as opposed to a very public response by police, fire, and emergency medical services. Emergency Preparedness personnel spend most of the time in the preparedness and recovery areas.

Contractor List for Sand and Sand Hauling

Name Address Contact Number
Bob Lorentz/Wendell Lorentz Construction 211 North Sturgis Street, Mankato  507-388-4182
Brunz Construction (Tom) 205 Walnut, Madison Lake  507-243-3753
H. J. Drummer Construction (Harold) 20012 597th Lane, Mankato  507-625-6914
Holtmeier Construction (Jim Voda) 3301 Third Avenue, Mankato  507-625-4848
Myles Lorentz, Inc. – Tom (large jobs only) 48822 Old River Bluff Road, St Peter 507-625-4848
Forey Septic Systems & Excavating LLC 18656 568th Ave, Mankato 507-278-4190