Regulating the Use of Private Land

Zoning is the division of a Municipality or County into districts for the purpose of regulating the use of private land. These zoning districts are usually shown on a zoning map. Within each of these districts the zoning ordinance specifies:
  • Permitted and conditional uses
  • Yard and lot area regulations
  • Setback regulations
Authority to utilize zoning to regulate the development of private property is delegated to counties, cities and townships, by the states.

Does Not Include a Retroactive Function

In practice, zoning is used to prevent new development from interfering with existing development. Zoning is not retroactive and therefore cannot be relied upon to correct conditions which existed prior to the adoption and implementation of land use controls.

For More Information

Please contact the Blue Earth County Property and Environmental Resources Department at (507) 304-4251 for information regarding zoning of a specific property or general zoning questions.