Find a Licensed Provider

Here are some ways you can find a provider in Blue Earth County:

  • List of Licensed Child Care Providers
  • Blue Earth County Child Care Location Map
    • An interactive map developed by Blue Earth County to identify all in-home licensed child care programs in the county. Parents and caregivers can see basic information on each provider and can link to the Minnesota Department of Human Services Licensing Information Lookup for further details. Map is updated every six months. 
  • Minnesota Department of Human Services Licensing Information Lookup
    • The Licensing Information Lookup is a new, simple online search tool created by the Minnesota Department of Human Services. The information available through this website will include the most frequently requested public information maintained by the Licensing Division. You can search for information about a licensed provider by name, license number, program type, county, ZIP code or city.
  • Parent Aware
    • Provides individualized referrals reflecting a family’s preferences-location by schools, openings by age, hours and days of care, program information, special services, etc. A referral counselor works with parents to help them decide what they are looking for in a child care program. Lists of providers are tailored to those preferences. The database has information on licensed homes and centers, and is updated at least monthly. To inquire about an individualized referral, call Parent Aware at 1-888-291-9811. Parents and caregivers can also access information on licensed programs at