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Children spend the majority of their waking hours at school where they consume 30 - 60 percent of their daily calories. Schools can, therefore, be a champion in encouraging kids to eat healthy and stay active now, which helps them develop healthy habits that will serve them later in life. Not only does this make for healthier kids (and future adults), but it also helps them to be better learners, through improved attendance, behavior, and academic performance.

BE WELL partners with schools to provide technical assistance and funding in support of the following healthy school best practices, which become the backbone of a comprehensive and sustainable healthy school environment:

* Convene a wellness committee
* Complete or update a school health assessment
CDC School Health Index (SHI)
Alliance for a Healthier Generation SHI
Action for Healthy Kids SHI
* Develop or update an action plan
* Implement and evaluate
* Update your wellness policy accordingly
Wellness Policy Requirements
Wellness Policy Checklist
Model Wellness Policy by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation
* Promote and sustain efforts

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What Active Schools Look Like



  Healthy School Food Initiatives

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