Notary Commission Registration

To become a notary public, you must first go through the Minnesota Secretary of State by visiting their website or call (651) 296-2803. Once you receive your notary commission, you must record your notary commission certificate at the county seat of residence.

Recording Your Notary Public Certificate

You may record your Minnesota Notary Public Commission in person or by mail if you are a Blue Earth County resident. You will need:
• Minnesota Notary Commission Certificate
• $20 fee, payable to Blue Earth County Vital Statistics
• Driver's license

When mailing in your commission, send a copy of your drivers license with your signature written twice under it for filing. Sign your certificate once using your full legal name and for the second time sign the way you usually sign your name.

Make checks payable to the Blue Earth County Vital Statistics. You may pay by cash, personal check, credit card or debit card. Please note that a convenience fee is charged when using credit or debit cards.

After your commission is recorded, the notary public commission certificate is returned with a certification stamp on the backside with a receipt.