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Board Meeting Information
  • 9:00 am
  • Board meetings are generally held every other Tuesday.  Work sessions are generally scheduled once a month on an as-needed basis. 
  • Board room is located on the second floor of the Historic Courthouse
    204 S. 5th St.
    Mankato, MN 56001
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Board Meetings
Board packets include an agenda and additional information that correlates with certain agenda items. Board packets are assembled two working days before each board meeting and include the same information Board members and media are given. 
Current Board Meeting PacketMeeting Packets Within Last Year | View All

Board Meeting Videos
Blue Earth County Board Meetings can be viewed on KTV public access television Fridays at 9 p.m. and Sundays at 6 p.m. (Enventis Cable Channel 7, 8, or 10 and Charter Cable Channel 12).

The most recent online Board Meeting videos are listed below (by date) and can also be found on the Blue Earth County You Tube channel.  

1366665362_Filmstrip.png                                               1366665362_Filmstrip.png                                       1366665362_Filmstrip.png
October 11, 2016                              September 27, 2016                   September 13, 2016

1366665362_Filmstrip.png                                              1366665362_Filmstrip.png                                        1366665362_Filmstrip.png  
August 23, 2016                               August 2, 2016                           July 19, 2016

1366665362_Filmstrip.png                                              1366665362_Filmstrip.png                                        1366665362_Filmstrip.png
July 5, 2016                                     June 21, 2016                             June 7, 2016

1366665362_Filmstrip.png                                              1366665362_Filmstrip.png                                        1366665362_Filmstrip.png
May 17, 2016                                  May 3, 2016                                April 19, 2016

1366665362_Filmstrip.png                                              1366665362_Filmstrip.png                                        1366665362_Filmstrip.png
April 5, 2016                                   March 22, 2016                           March 1, 2016

1366665362_Filmstrip.png                                              1366665362_Filmstrip.png                                        1366665362_Filmstrip.png
February 16, 2016                           February 2, 2016                         January 19, 2016

1366665362_Filmstrip.png                                              1366665362_Filmstrip.png                                       1366665362_Filmstrip.png
January 5, 2016                               December 15, 2015                    December 1, 2015

Work Sessions
The Blue Earth County Board also holds work sessions that are open to the public on an as-needed basis, typically no more than once per month. Work sessions are helpful in allowing Commissioners to discuss policy, learn more about a topic that may be coming before them at an upcoming board meeting or to have staff or guest speakers educate them on certain items. It is important to note that the Board does not take formal action at work session meetings; formal action is only allowed at Board meetings. 
Current Board Work Session PacketWork Session Packets Within Last YearView All

Board Meeting Minutes
Minutes are not posted until they are approved at the next Board meeting.
Current Board Meeting Minutes | Minutes Within Last Year | View All

Addressing the Board of Commissioners
Citizens who wish to address the Board of Commissioners at a meeting must contact County Administration at (507) 304-4235 before noon the Thursday preceding the Board meeting. This is needed to manage the Board's schedule. The Board will not take action at the time of the presentation but will direct County staff to respond appropriately to issues raised by citizens. There is a three-minute time limit per person.

Note: This opportunity is reserved for private citizens only - not employees, unions, or other organized groups funded by or associated with Blue Earth County.