County Government

  1. Board of Commissioners

    Learn about the Board of County Commissioners duties and what district each commissioner represents.

  2. Board Meeting Information

    Find information about when and where the County Board meets.

  3. Buildings & Facilities

    Gain information about the various different types of buildings and facilities the County maintains.

  4. Committees & Citizen Boards

    Obtain information about the different boards and committees and their roles in the County.

  5. County Budget

    Access current and previous years County budgets.

  6. County Calendar

    Stay up to date with current and upcoming events held around the County.

  7. County Ordinances

    Read about the ordinances that affect all of the County's residents.

  8. Elections

    Use this information to find out about the next election.

  9. Jail Information

  10. News

    Take a step towards the latest news about Blue Earth County.

  11. Planning & Zoning

    Learn about the Planning and Zoning Departments' responsibilities and duties.

  12. Property Tax System

    Search through the County's Property Tax System to find current property tax information.

  13. Public Notices