Holiday Recycling Tips

Green Up Your Holidays
The days between Thanksgiving and New Years are when we produce the most waste. There is trash from the holiday parties and get-togethers, waste from the packaging around the gifts we give, and more food waste. Here are some tips to reduce some of that waste AND to save some money.

  • Look for minimal packaging on the gifts you choose. If the packaging is excessive, choose something else.  You pay for the packaging, and you pay to throw it away.
  • Look for packaging that is recyclable.
  • Don't use gift wrap. Again, it's something you pay to buy, and something you pay to throw away. Instead, use alternatives:
    • Newspapers
    • Old road maps
    • Old sheet music
    • Towels or other items that become part of the gift
  • Know what can be recycled, and recycle it!  Here are some items you should NOT put in your recycling can:
    • Wrapping paper (heavy metals make the ink so bright and colorful, but make the paper non-recyclable)
    • Paper plates (consider using these to create compost - paper is a source of carbon, needed to balance nitrogen)
    • Plastic silverware (use real silverware - who likes to eat off plastic, anyway?)
    • Foam plastic (like styrofoam cups)
    • Film plastic (instead, take this to a grocery store and recycle with bags)
  • Borrow a recycling container (Recycling Bins web page) for your parties and family events, to make recycling easier.  Call Environmental Services at 507-304-4381 to make arrangements.

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